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This Aston Martin Vulcan costs $3.4 million — and you can't drive it on the street

If you've not heard of the Aston Martin Vulcan, there's good reason. Not only did the bespoke British super sports car maker only ever produce 24, the car can't be legally driven on the street. So not only is it rare, it's unlikely you'll ever see one valeted outside an LA night club.

If, in fact, you've never heard of it, let's quickly recap its specs. Underneath its long, swoop-y hood is a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces more than 800 horsepower. That's Mount Saint Helens worth of power, and its lightweight body allow it to do 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds on the way to its 200-mile-per-hour top speed.

However, those aren't the most astonishing figures tacked to the Vulcan. The car's price tag is perhaps more jaw-dropping: $3.4 million.

Well, at least, that's how much the one for sale in Cleveland is priced at.

Along with that earth-shattering V12 engine, a large rear wing and the bright "Fiamma Red" paint job, you also get two seats and — I'm just guessing here — the right to shove foreign dignitaries.

I only hypothesize that ability to mildly assault world leaders without repercussion (a 21st century license to kill, let's say) comes with the car. That's because it's hard to believe that a car you can never legally drive to the store for a gallon of milk could be worth $3.4 million.

Whatever the reality may be, if you want one of these staggering British beauties, you'll have to pony up a mid-size fortune.

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