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Every Day Lead by Example

Life is only one day at a time. Everyday you wake up, everyday you get ready for work, you have breakfast and then you enter the world. Everyday life bring us challenge and troubles that you need to achieved and complete. Sometimes stronger than others but the most important is that you submit all this plans to God. You might say why, and this is simple because he is in control of everything that lead in the world.

He control the day and night, he control the time, minutes, hours, what you think, what you plan. He leads your way everyday even if you don't know it.

This weekend on Saturday was my wife birthday. At the end of the day I start to view Netflix and found this movie call Meet Joes Black. It present a business man with all his success and troubles, and he need to hide a secret give by God until the end. It shows the way life is with your family, work and colleagues.

It touch my life and it can touch yours. Life is short to fight with others. Every day I encourage you to lead by example submitting your plan first to God. Care about your family, honor them, enjoy every moment, be humble, be honest, be real, let things happen, work hard and take care of others in need. This is the way to every day lead by example.

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