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iPhone 8 design leak hints at backside Touch ID, vertical dual cameras

If the Apple rumor mill is heating up, it must mean that a new piece of iPhone information has leaked, in this case the iPhone 8. And this one is a biggie.

A new schematic drawing for what appears to be the iPhone 8 has appeared online and, based on the visuals, it looks like the rumors of a back-mounted Touch ID button may have been accurate.

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The image was posted by frequent (and reasonably trustworthy) mobile device info leaker Sonny Dickson on Wednesday morning.

Covered with watermarks that indicate it may have been snagged from Chinese social network QQ, the black and white illustration shows us what is presumably the inside back panel of the upcoming smartphone

At this point, all we have is visual guesswork, but the design of the panel shows a space for the iPhone's rumored vertical dual lens camera, the Apple logo, and what is possibly a space for a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Or, and this is another longshot-but-totally-feasible-notion, maybe it's a wireless charging space.

In recent days, other rumors have surfaced hinting that component supplier issues may force Apple to ditch rumored plans to include a fingerprint sensor on the front of the device, located under its glass screen. Of course, this new illustration, even from the good source, is confirmation of nothing regarding the iPhone 8. And with rumors of several different versionsin the offing, all with significantly different design elements, we are officially fumbling around in the dark in terms of what physical features to expect.

Nevertheless, this new image offers another tantalizing piece of the puzzle as anticipation mounts for Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone.

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