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Tesla leaks reveals just how quickly the Model 3 can hit 60mph

The Tesla Model 3 is no Model S, as the electric car manufacturer keeps reminding us, but it's still going to have quite the kick.

A leaked document posted May 22 to the Model 3 Owners Club message boards provides Tesla enthusiasts the chance for a side-by-side comparison of the new ride and its older sibling.

The main takeaway? The Model 3 will do 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.

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For comparison, a 2016 Ford Mustang V6 only beats that by .3 seconds. That's right, when it comes to acceleration, the Model 3 competes with a muscle car — minus the fumes.

With the Model 3 expected to start shipping later this year, customers eagerly await each and every new detail of the latest car from the Palo Alto-based manufacturer. News of the car's acceleration is sure to excite those that have placed pre-orders.

But let's go a little deeper. After all, we've had a peek at the dash, and now it's time for a look under the hood.

The specs, which were confirmed by Tesla as authentic to Road & Track, show that the Model 3 has a smaller range than the Model S, and less options for customization. Still, the 215-mile plus range is nothing to scoff at, and anyway, the Model 3 costs significantly less than the Model S — coming in somewhere around $35,000 according to Tesla.

While news of the Model 3 is certainly front and center, Tesla is also at work on a "next level"semi-truck and a pickup truck. No word yet on how fast the semi will hit 60 mph.

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