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A New Day after powerful Hurricane Irma

In a new day your life learn and experience the unimaginable. This week Puerto Rico received a close experience of a Category 5 hurricane with 185Mph, the first in history in the Caribbean directly in its path of destruction.

My hometown was hit with powerful winds and rain that move trees and ceilings from side to side. I have never experience in my life anything like this.

Many have seen their homes disappeared, others lost their lives in the Caribbean. We elevate our prayers for them and restoration for their losses.

Puerto Rico was expecting the worst, but thank God that did not happen.

Puerto Rico is Blessed you might wonder why? A 100 x 35 Island with 78 towns and the highest concentration of Churches per square mile to say hundreds, I understand why we are call the Island of the lamb of christ.

This mean that when faith and the power of prayers hits heaven, certainly things happen. For us it was very close but not for others, for them and their families we elevate our prayers.

For those who still in the path of this hurricane, get ready fast with water and all emergency supplies. Please ensure all your belongings, but most important your life and family. This is serious.

We will keep all in our prayers expecting only the best, even forecast are the worst. After all, It will be a new day after powerful hurricane Irma.

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