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Today, Its time to help others recover from Hurricane Irma.

After a hard hurricane week, I like to start to thank all my friends and family who care about us and sent their messages and prayers. Thank God we didn't have a direct damage.

After Hurricane Irma destroyed homes, properties and life of others we are here to help. As you see this monster hit hard the whole Caribbean and florida

Now I like to take time for pray for those families in need and help them recover from this nightmare.

Thank God for us this weekend was back to normal weather, but for many people this week will not be the same in their memories for ever.

As a way to support others so they can recover their happiness, We like to encourage all the people to donate what ever you can whether its time, money or your effort to stand behind the less fortunate. Give with your heart.

In this time we need to become sensitive and support those in need. After all its better to give than receive. We will donate 100% of proceed to the American Red Cross. Today Its time to help others recover from Hurricane Irma.

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