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Return to simpler times with this wonderfully retro Apple Watch charging dock

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Take a trip with me back to 1998. These were simpler times, when there were only three Star Wars movies and Brandy and Monica were duking it out over a dude. Sorry, you can’t stay here forever, but your Apple Watch can — at least until it’s done charging.

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Electronic accessories brand elago has built adorable charging ports that transform your sleek Apple Watch into a tiny version of an iMac G3. The translucent aqua plastic and clunky buttons will make you nostalgic for the days when personal computers weighed more than a toddler. The watch sits sideways in the cradle, allowing it to be used in nightstand mode. The stand is made from soft, flexible silicone so there’s no risk of scratching your watch. Bonus points if you have a tiny Lucite desk to place it on.

This cute charging port is available in blue or pink and is available on Amazon for only $15. Gen Xers can even get a 1984 Mac version.

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