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Friendship Should Always Rule in Your Life

How important are your friends for You? I remember when we met 25 years ago Juan Manuel and I were starting in the cellphone business.

We start our adventure as two students that were hungry, have a lot of courage, dreams to become successful, and to have family.

We were always together as one planning our next step in business and we never look back. We sold from cellphones, to accessories, to satellite systems. We were always ahead of the time and the competition.

As Godfathers, Today we have mutual respect and a sincere friendship for each other. We share so many times and memories that we can write a book.

Its a beautiful Friday afternoon in San Juan Puerto Rico and Juanma still the same. He call me and invite me to fly and lunch. As always, I say yes.

Here we go again.

A new day, a new memory a new time. As always we are together in good as in bad times.

Today, I encourage you to take care about your close friends. Always be there, encourage them for the best, live their dreams and Your Friendship Will Always Rule Your Life.

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