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Life is a process of Waiting

Everyday is a process of waiting. When the day start, we start to send messages to the world in many directions. Sometimes they are respond on the now, some takes weeks or month. We all go thru this process everyday in order to develop character and strength.

We all are waiting from time to time. It might be for a job, a contract, a health test. Some will come earlier, some will take longer but no matter how long it takes you will have to wait.

Today, I encourage you that everyday dont sit and wait, Be in a active wait. This will develop your patience that everyone need in every test . Patience is a muscle that can only be develop in the wait.

Wait in a good attitude, wait in peace, wait with cheer and endurance. Stay excited even when nothing happens. Enjoy your life more. We dont need to feel struggle. The early you wait, the happier you will be.

Everyday learn to wait well, wait with expectations.

We need to enjoy the life in the now, not looking so far into the future that you forget to enjoy. When we are strong we can endure, patience is a strength.

I know that when things takes longer, we get bored and we lose our enthusiasm and forget, why we are waiting for that we quit expecting. Dont get ahead of time. Our job is to get ready for the appointed time.

God is going to bring it and deliver to you at the correct time. Dont give up, things happen in the expectancy mode. Is how you have wait that have brought you this far. He is going to take you all the way, until you achieve.

Enjoy the life, enjoy the now this is why life is a process of waiting.

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