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Smartech get your hospitality guests talking in 2018!

Smartech has partnered with Volara, the market leader in voice-based solutions for the hospitality industry. Volara, headquartered in New York City, offers voice-based software that functions through in-room "smart speakers" like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Alibaba Genie, and is designed to integrate with existing and future hotel technologies.

Volara provides voice-based guest engagement software running on in-room hardware. Customized to your property, Smartech and Volara knows how to get your guests talking.

Smartech/Volara Is Hospitality

  • It's Personal

Provide guest-centric experiences that highlight your unique offerings in the most natural and memorable way - through conversation.

  • It's Productive

Facilitate efficient guest services - from housekeeping to valet to concierge - freeing up your staff for interactions that require the human touch.

  • It's Profitable

Use contextual suggestions to subtly drive guests toward high margin property and partner services and facilities.

  • Requests

Guests simply ask their rooms for things like more towels or housekeeping services and Volara efficiently routes the request.

  • Recommendations

Provide top-quality local recommendations to your guests - dinner recommendations from your property’s chef, drink recommendations from the resident mixologist or favorite attractions shared by a local celebrity.

  • Greetings

Make guests feel instantly welcome with custom greetings for VIPs, wedding guests, conference attendees, or any other group.

  • Information

Provide quick answers to the most common questions, like what’s the wi-fi password. By sharing information in a fun and interactive way you can stop the guest services phone from ringing with the same questions over and over again and even redirect your guests toward high margin offerings.




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