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Volkswagen and LG team to create connected car platform

Carmakers are looking to tech companies to achieve their connected mobility goals.SEE ALSO: BMW, Intel and MobilEye to bring fully autonomous car to the roads by 2021Volkswagen announced Wednesday morning that it has signed an agreement with Korean tech giant LG Electronics to jointly create a connected, cloud-based car service platform.

The agreement is threefold.

First, the two companies will work to connect VW vehicles to smart homes, allowing drivers to monitor smart devices in their homes. This means you could turn your lights on and get your home preheated to your desired temperature as you begin your commute home.

Secondly, the connected car platform will bring messaging into the car cabin. VW emphasizes the feature will be executed in a safe way — presumably, this means both in terms of cybersecurity and limiting driver distraction.

Lastly, LG will help VW create a new infotainment system that can intuitively run all these functions and features.

This newfound partnership follows announcements from Volvo and Ericsson, as they work to stream your favorite show into your car, and BMW, Intel and MobilEye that said they aim to bring a fully autonomous car to the roads by 2021.

Though exciting, this plan doesn't sound entirely new for VW. In fact, it demonstrated — in concept form — most of these ideas at CES this year in January with its BUDD-e electric microbus.I am glad to see that its found a tech company willing to help turn its pie-in-the-sky ideas into a reality.BONUS: BUDD-e electric microbus from Volkswagen is a tech lover's dream

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