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Smartech can provide Network door stations to business A natural part of video surveillance

Intercom, surveillance camera and door control in one

Axis’ network door stations combine communication, video surveillance and remote entry control in one single device. They make a convenient complement to your surveillance installation and help keeping your premises secure, providing reliable 24/7 identification. With an Axis’ network door station, you can identify a visitor and open the door regardless of where you are.

A “Many-to-one” system

Axis’ network door stations are used in “many-to-one” systems where you have many cameras and several door stations but only one or a few points of operation. A typical example is an airport that has advanced systems for video surveillance, access control, alarms and communication.

  • Many intercoms (and cameras), one or few receivers

  • Retail, logistic centers, airports, university campuses, alarm centrals

Increased security

Axis’ network door stations give you reliable identification even in low light or strong backlighting, and clear, two-way communication even in demanding situations, due to WDR, full duplex audio, acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression. Using a mobile app, IP phone or video management system (VMS), you can open doors directly or remotely. You can also record hazardous events and alert help in case of an emergency, thanks to audio and video analytics.

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