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Access a mobile-first world

Mobile access control enables mobile devices — such as smartphones and wearables — to function as credentials in providing access to secured buildings, rooms and areas. This not only increases operational convenience and efficiency for today’s mobile-enabled workforces. It’s also provides a more cost effective and simpler way for companies to manage identification credentials. Mobile access control can be used as either compliment to and replacement for traditional physical cards and cards

More convenient for today’s mobile-enabled workforces

Compared to traditional printed identity credentials, mobile access control provides a more convenient experience for end users. Which is important considering that the number of mobile phone users alone is expected to reach over 4.7 billion in 2017. And around two out of every three business people today are using mobile devices for an ever more diverse set of applications.

So using mobile devices as keys not only delivers the convenient user-experience expected by mobile-enabled workforces. It also helps boost operational efficiency and satisfaction of today’s mobile-enabled workforces.

More cost-effective way to manage credentials

Mobile access control is also a more cost-effective and simpler way for companies to manage identification credentials. In fact, it eliminates numerous manual tasks related to handling, printing, distributing and disposing of physical identity badges. Digitally managing mobile identities saves staff time and effort as:

  • Ordering, distributing and managing end user credentials and rights is a 100% digital process

  • Provisioning mobile credentials to end users is done via email — the mobile identity is securely sent and saved directly to the end user´s mobile device

  • Administrators can add batch uploads via CSV or Excel file when enrolling users

  • No need for employees to check in to remote offices to acquire a temporary visitor badges

  • Security and future flexibility assured, too

Our mobile access control solutions deliver the high levels of security and privacy protection. They ensure you send encrypted data as well as protect identity data throughout the lifecycle of the mobile credential.

  • As important, the mobile access control solution ensures you of flexibility and interoperability to match your present and future business requirements and systems.

  • That is because it’s being built on open, IP-based architecture, APIs and technologies. For instance, both Axis Entry Manager and our third-party partner software allow you to allocate, manage and revoke multiple credential types.

  • Discover the integration with HID Global

The solution encompasses everything necessary for small-, medium- or enterprise-sized organizations to deploy mobile access control.


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