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The Genesis GV80 concept car has a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell engine

Genesis, Hyundai's luxury sub-brand, has unveiled yet another concept car — an ultra-fancy SUV with a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid powertrain and an enormous, 22-inch curved OLED display inside.

The GV80, shown for the first time at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday, isn't the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered car around, but it does bring an interesting new promise: A 100% clean hybrid engine that can be plugged into a charger, just like any electric plug-in car.

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Hyundai didn't reveal exact specs for the car (which does not appear to be very close to production), relying instead on descriptions such as "refined performance" and "progressive approach to personal experience." That's right, we know next to nothing about its range, how it performs or how the hydrogen/plug-in combination works.

Still, it looks pretty cool, with sleek lines that make it look sportier than most SUVs. Futuristic details like laser fiber optic quad tail lamps and 23-inch mesh alloy wheels will make sure everyone notices you have an expensive car.

And on the inside, a curved, 22-inch screen basically runs on top of the entire dashboard.

Of course, there are more screens on the back, and everything is clad in high-quality materials, including tons of leather.

Genesis has two production cars, both sedans: The G80 (which also comes as a "sport" variant) and the flagship G90. The company also showed a concept sedan last year, a sporty hybrid with a 21-inch 4K screen inside, called the "New York Concept."

Just like that car, the new GV80 concept might never (and likely won't) enter production in its current state. But it's interesting to see the company exploring a plug-in hydrogen powertrain in the context of an SUV; hopefully something will come out of it a few years from now.

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