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Smartech brings a redundancy solution for your VOIP PBX

The Hot Standby solution offers you the ability to provide high system availability and help prevent unnecessary business loss caused by unexpected server failure.

In today’s competitive market, instant communication is significant to all business. Imaging that your telephony system goes down without any signs, or your investor just called you several times for vital decision in urgent, but could not get you, then how much loss will this cost?

The bundle of two Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBXs is optimized for use as a failover system, called Hot Standby solution, or Redundancy solution, which can perfectly handle the situation above.


  • Failover system

The Hot Standby solution is a redundant method in which one server runs simultaneously with an identical primary server. And all data is mirrored to the secondary server in real time. Upon failure of the primary server, the secondary server immediately takes over, replacing the primary server.

  • Automatic and Instant

The secondary server will automatically and instantly take over once the primary server goes down.

  • Timely Notification

You could receive failover notification when the on-site PBX is down. S-Series PBX supports email, call and SMS notification.


The two servers in the failover pair must meet the following requirements:

  • Same model

  • Same firmware version

  • Same expansion boards and modules installed in the same slots

  • Same software configurations


  • The downtime was kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the normal operation of all the functions of your telephony system.

  • Callers still reach the people they need and business can continue as usual.

  • You will never have to worry about the unnecessary business loss caused by unexpected server failure anymore.

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