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Smartech expands its offering with IP audio thru any network.

Audio made smart and easy
Bridge audio C8033 and 2N SIP Mic microphone console can be combined with speakers network of manufacturer to form a single system, without the need for centralized electronic equipment. Solutions that are suitable for use in surveillance applications, retail and education sector.

Smartech a Axis Communications partner has expanded its range of intelligent networked audio solutions to enhance business operations, Security and protection. The new additions are represented by 2N SIP Mic microphone console and audio C8033 bridge.

The first allows you to enjoy the benefits of a networked system without get rid of your analog hardware. For his part, the console's microphone, combined with the speakers network of manufacturer, provides a full PA system.

Bridge audio C8033 and 2N SIP Mic microphone console add value to a number of different usage scenarios, as the piped music and background in retail ads or solutions of communication by public address systems in schools. It is possible to combine them with Axis network speakers to form a single system, without the need for centralized electronic equipment. This manufacturer

network audio systems are based on open standards, which means that they can be integrated with other equipment.

With the new SIP Mic 2N, Axis network speakers become complete PA systems, perfect for the education sector. Also, to use network audio bridge to connect existing analog devices audio Axis network systems, the customer can benefit from all the advantages offered by a digital system. "Networked audio systems are also easy to scale and flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of the customer", said Håkan Hansson, International Director of Axis Communications audio products.

Many older systems use analog speakers which are incompatible with the digital or digital audio sources. With audio network bridge Axis C8033 is possible to play music from a source of analog line such as a mobile phone, a tablet or a team of professional broadcast through speakers network either connect a source of digital audio as Audio Player to play music in an analog speaker system.

The 2N SIP Mic offers 12 configurable buttons and allows a flexible communication in different places to do live commercials and play recorded messages.

"The information provided by a video surveillance system in network, with its associated audio, can often be one of the most efficient ways of managing many challenges facing organizations. Retailers can manage the queues of customers reporting that another plant boxes are less crowded. In schools, Administrators can warn a student that he has been located outside your classroom. These are just a few of the possible benefits that can provide digital audio", continues Hansson.


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