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What if your guests could order their food and drinks from the pool-side – using their own smart-pho

What if they could see non-intrusive but clear and attractive offers from the Spa on their own laptop, and book a slot right there and then? What if you could promote the weekend-brunch, or exciting excursion, or airport-transfer across all devices – handhelds and the TV, and instantly allow guests to purchase? All this works and is live today with InnSpire, with great results all around the world!

Sell More with H-Commerce – “Hotel Commerce”

InnSpire helps you make the most of the guests that you have in the hotel, using our clever “Hotel Commerce” solution. An average hotel has only about 17 minutes of face-time with a guest, from reception, to breakfast and check-out. What if you could multiply that face-time manyfold? With InnSpire you can! The simple intuitive interface, easily accessible on your guests’ smart phone, tablet or the TV in their room – allows them to browse and buy all the different services and products that you want to offer! Any time, anywhere – and fully automated.

Up-sell, Cross-sell, Auto-sell

The InnSpire H-Commerce solution is built to make your services and products more easily available and attractive, so that you can sell more, with less effort. We automate so that the right kinds of offerings are presented at the right time of day, to the right people. How about a presentation of a tasty breakfast with a smoking cup of coffee in the morning, and a presentation of a great steak with a glass of red when dinner is approaching. The clever algorithms of InnSpire makes it all tick!

Keep it Simple for Your Guests

Thanks to our “Any-Screen” philosophy, without having to download or install any App, your guests can access all the information, products and services that your hotel has to offer – using the device in their pocket! Our Any-Screen concept, means that the same experience can be accessed from the TV, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android-device – or virtually any mobile device your guests carry!

Allocate the Right Resources

With the help of our clever algorithms, you can better plan your staffing and resources. As InnSpire notices a peak in guests, triggers set in to alert you, helping you do prepare for how to optimize the logistics and profits connected to these guests.

Analyze, Optimize and Monetize.

IMagine if you had tools inspired by Google Analytics to monitor, track and analyze what is being bought in your hotel? With InnSpire you do! In the core of solution sits the powerful Guest Intelligence Engine, that tracks every digital event, such as a room service order, spa booking, gift purchase or movie watched, etc. Who are your most profitable guests? Who may need some encouragement? With the InnSpire dashboard – you know..


Alberto Candelario


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