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Optimize your Productivity Resources with Deskflex

What is DeskFlex? (V12.9)

With the huge rise in mobile and telecommuting employees, many businesses are finding themselves with an office full of empty cubicles. DeskFlex helps cut the costs of real estate investment, and makes sure you're utilizing every desk to its fullest potential. With DeskFlex, employees or managers can reserve, claim, or monitor desks for a specific amount of time. This means an increase in value for office space, and a decrease in space needed.

How Does It Work?

DeskFlex enables an office to utilize Desk Sharing. Desk sharing is known by several names including hoteling, hot-desking, and virtual office. Using a browser-based program, desks can be managed in any number of ways. Employees can reserve desks for themselves, groups can find a space to work together, and employers can assign specific desks to whomever they choose.

DeskFlex provides a map-like overview of the office, with each desk displayed as either vacant or available. Employees can claim desks as they walk in, or reserve them far ahead of time. DeskFlex also utilizes motion-sensing technology to ensure an accurate overview of desk vacancy. If an employee leaves their desk, the motion-sensor will alert the system and adjust the map accordingly.

Benefits Include

» Substantially reduced workspace costs

» Increased productivity

» Proactive capacity planning

» Quick and flexible reaction to changing market conditions

» Improved employee retention

» Streamlined Operations

» Easy to Use

» Comprehensive Control

Anywhere, Anytime Access

When it comes to effective use of your workspace and resources, accessing reservation information is key. While your Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) administrators will typically utilize the powerful features of the desktop application, the majority of your users will likely access the system from a computer or kiosk to make, check or cancel reservations. For example, employees can:

» Get details on space available or a scheduled event easily online

» Reserve a room on-the-spot for an impromptu gathering

» Verify a meeting or event location in a lobby area

» Share information within Microsoft Outlook® to invite attendees and book the room and resources for a meeting

EMS Professional provides various levels of access to support any mix of space management approaches and the needs of any type of user. From centralized to Outlook-based, facility managers to attendees, and all those in between, EMS is accessible by just about anyone, anytime, anywhere!

What’s DeskFlex’s Scope?

DeskFlex is responsive to each office size and needs, servicing small businesses up to enterprise environments. DeskFlex can be configured to administer a single site or multiple sites locally or remotely. From the smallest to the largest organization, DeskFlex can be scaled to meet your needs.

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