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Today I share My Greatest Secret of Success

Every Life have its plan on Earth. I Born in a humble family in San Juan PR where my mother Elisa have two jobs, and my grandma Laura use to take care of me. My father never took care, but God did. At a very young age I use to wash cars from my neighbors, play with my friends and went to school. A friend from school invite me to apply for my first job selling shoes at store called Tienda Sin Nombre in Rio Piedras. That was my beginning to work. I was hungry to succeed and to help my family.

By that time I had no idea of my future plans of business, my wife and my girls but God did. I keep working hard, have part time jobs at retail stores such as Gonzalez Padin home goods and Radio Shack selling electronics all in sales at Plaza las Americas Mall.

One day I decide to go to College in US to pursue my goals to graduate in business management. I spent two years in college making friends having fun but not focus on studying. After two years God change my plan and came back to my hometown and start in the Interamerican Univ at cupey where I met my love Mayte.

She Work hard pushing me to study and finally I graduated, God have its plans. After Graduation we decide to marry, she work with her parents, my mother and my father in law William gave me a loan of $5,000 and I start up Microcellular. God have a plan.

I start my own business in 1992 have two childrens Fabi and Dani and God have his plan.Its been a long road from this beginnings until now, but in good times and not that good times, God have its plans.

Life is full of different experiences where you learn and grow, in a step by step but no matter how difficult it may seems, I learn that God is always in control, He have plans for you that you wont imagine and if you place him first in all, You will Succeed have a great family and friends and will reach your full potential and places that you will never imagine.

Try It Today.

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