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Ford gave its $450,000 GT supercar a limited-edition '60s race car makeover

Just over a week ago, the Ford GT won its class at the 24 Hour of Le Mans race in France.

This impressive achievement came 50 years after the Ford GT40 Mark II, the predecessor to the 2017 GT, took the same checkered flag in 1966.

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Commemorating both wins, Ford has created a special edition of its GT supercar called the ’66 Heritage Edition.

If the 2017 GT weren't rare enough, limited to 250 cars per year, the ’66 Heritage Edition will be even rarer still — and only offered for the 2017 model year.

Owners who select the Heritage will be able to select either a Shadow Black paint job in either gloss or matte finish. No matter the finish, the hood will be accented with a silver stripe and the carbon fiber parts of the car's body will be left exposed.

Finishing off the exterior, the hood and doors will be plastered with "#2" hood and door graphics in a color called Frozen White. Lastly, Ford will bolt up 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels finished in a gold satin clear-coat with black lug nuts.

As for the interior, it's decked out with carbon fiber seats with pillowed inserts. The seats, steering wheel, instrument panel and headliner all feature Ebony leather. Mimicking the '66 race car, and perfectly complementing the leather treatment, gold accents are also added throughout the cabin.

If you want to own one of the 2017 Ford GTs, '66 Heritage Edition or otherwise, you will need to log on to Ford's website and apply — yes, apply — for the privilege. Yes, simply being able to afford to buy the $450,00 American supercar isn't enough. You need to be selected to do so, too.

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