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Its Good to bring ideas into reality, My Story

This is My Story. Back in 1992 at 24 years and while studying Business Administration at the Interamerican University, I launch my first business and decide to startup selling cellphones and accessories. I start to look around and found a small space about 500 square feet. I had no money so my mother Elisa decide to loan me a $5,000 for startup and it all start. My first store open in De Diego Ave in Puerto Nuevo San Juan PR (next to Auroritas).A store with a inflable motorola cellphone in the roof which many will remember that was our primary promotion.

1994- I decide to open my second store and look a market that have no competitors, back in that time and wento to Marginal Vista Azul in Arecibo, also with a motorola cellphone inflable in the roof a flagship which many will remember too.

My company, Microcellular Inc, focused on the development of the wireless industry in San Juan and Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

My wireless stores on the Puerto Rico market – Microcellular San Juan and Microcellular Arecibo – both helped redefine the wireless market in Puerto Rico.

1996- I also played a significant role in the transformation of the wireless community and Satellite industry introducing Dish within my stores, and redeveloping Microcellular Stores at Galeria Paseos Mall in San Juan Puerto Rico in 1997.

1997 - In Galeria Paseos Mall in San Juan , I start the idea to develop Microcellular wireless kiosk network in Grande Supermarkets.

2001- I decide to buy a VW Beetle and start promoting cellphone sales which cover Dorado, Manati, Bayamon, Rio Piedras, Caguas,Humacao, Ponce,Yauco and Mayaguez Puerto Rico developing the wireless industry all over the Island until 2005.

Heres my business card no internet or email, skype, linkedin only direct phones. I always been dreaming to have better future and as of today still the same.

I encourage you that never stop dreaming and always bring your ideas into reality.

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