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Smartech offers Solutions for Demanding Industries

We offer communication, security, and property protection systems. Our fleet of products provides versatile solutions for a range of industries.

Commercial Security & Communication

Partnering to Protect People, Property, and Profits

Employees and customers expect safety and security. We’re your partner in providing quality, reliable solutions for protecting valuable assets. Together we can reduce insurance premiums, as well as the risk of random violence and theft throughout your office or campus.

Educational Security & Communication

Protect Your Schools with Proactive Safety Solutions

We’re your partner in finding proactive security solutions for your school, campus, or district. With entrance screening technology, campus-wide communication, and paging systems, we’re here to help create a learning environment that places a premium on safety and security.


Focus on Health – Let us Help with Security

Your number one concern is ensuring the health and well-being of patients and staff – in all its forms. We offer security solutions for pharmaceutical and records rooms (HIPA compliance), nurse call, communication in parking areas, visitor and staff entries, and pediatric security. Partner with us to implement solutions throughout your healthcare campus.


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