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Increase your productivity in our latest Metris mobile offices...


Productivity en route isn’t a new concept. Business jet manufacturers have been touting the ability to “get business done” onboard since Learjet took to the skies in the 1950s. But a lot of thought hasn’t been given to productivity between home and the corner office. At least, not really beyond the iPad and blackberry. That’s where veteran coachbuilder Howard Becker leads the industry by leaps and bounds.

Becker Automotive Design, based in southern California, delivers the category’s most prestigious and well-honed executive transportation worldwide. Nearly two decades in development, Becker picks up where the original manufacturers leave you hanging. He makes your time on the road more valuable by giving you the options and ability to spend that time exactly how you want.

Becker Mercedes-Benz Metris, Advantages.

The new Becker Mercedes-Benz Metris van is ultra discrete, fits under almost all parking garages and comfortably seats up to 5 adults in rear cabin privacy. Our mobile office and entertainment capabilities abound. Our luxury hand tailored interior coupled with our rear suspension upgrade provides a wonderful ride for rest and relaxation. Becker's reliability, safety and quality are world renowned.


The JetVan Metris exterior is appropriate for today’s high-profile CEOs and princes who prefer discretion to flash. The company also leads in anti-intrusion and bulletproof armoring options–if that’s how you need to roll. However, the significant difference is found on the inside, where Becker has transformed an industry and ignited a bevy of copycats who rarely, if ever, come close to the standards of quality and engineering found in one of these custom conversions.


The conversion cost of a Becker vehicle varies depending on the options and detail you choose. Becker Mercedes Benz Metris conversions are here.

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