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Smart Wireless Charging keep business and guests connected...

Improve customer loyalty through a single point of contact by providing convenient power and a personalized customer experience.

Wireless charging SmartSpots are smart, connected, commercial grade 15 W wireless charging transmitters that can be adapted to existing furniture or designed smoothly on newly built projects, with a range of options to promote available custom products.

Keep customers connected with convenient power

Providing convenient energy to your customers is an extremely valuable service that helps them stay connected. This not only attracts customers, but it can mean that they stay longer, which increases the opportunity to obtain more revenue and greater customer participation.

Practical information about customer behavior.

Wireless charging is a unique point of contact to interact with customers. Smart wireless charging provides information about behavioral data, such as hyperlocation and residence time, and provides new opportunities to generate revenue.

You can also relax knowing that the services you provide have a maximum uptime with the managed wireless charging service connected to the cloud. This means that your network is continuously scanned for problems and, if detected, can be verified and often resolved by air.

Smart Analysis for companies at the forefront

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